<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> Size It Up - The Complete Tire and Wheel Plus Sizing Program

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Application guide
Packed with over 5200 vehicles in the database, this guide has it all. Including OE tire size, bolt pattern, thread size, hub center bore size, and offset, and a comment section for you to save special notes about any vehicle for future reference.

Specs for 1 tire
Here you can put input any tire size and receive the tread width, sidewall height, and overall tire height for the size specified.
Compare tire sizes
In this screen you can input the OE tire size and a plus tire size to compare the specs and see if the tire sizes are a close match.
Tire size recommendation
Everyone’s favorite, input an oe tire size, and enter a plus wheel size, and you will get every possible tire size recommendation with the specs for each tire.
List of tire sizes
Choose a wheel size from 15”to 28” to view the size and specifications of all tires available.
Bolt pattern chart
This screen will allow you to view all the bolt patterns available, a great quick reference tool.
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